Zeller Consulting Suisse offers you support in planning existing and new installations for air conditioning, refrigeration and energy recovery.

Air Humid Handling

The presentation as a Mollier-HX-Diagram or as a Carrier-XH-Chart (Psychrometric chart) for all processes with air is supported interactively. Comfort areas and meteorological data to facilitate the planning of air-handling units. Now new AHH-all in one: AHH3, AHH4, AHH5

HEH - Heat Exchanger Handling

Set of applications to calculate heaters, coolers, condensers and evaporators.

CCS-Circuit Connect Systems

Set of applications to calculate the energy savings with CC-Systems.

HMH - Humidifying and Mixing processes, Heating effect

Humidifying process with water, wet steam or saturated steam. Mixing process from 2 air flows, possibly with condensation. Heating effect from the absorbed fan power

Heat exchanger coupling

High-efficiency energy recovery systems, consisting of several heat exchangers in circuit connect arrangement, require a special internal hydraulic coupling with a maximum part of counter flow.

ZCS DLLs for HVAC software

ZCS provides a set of calculation libraries (Dlls), which can be integrated and use in your software.

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Our team

  • Marin Zeller

    Marin Zeller

    Cert.-Eng. Marin Zeller TU, VDI, born in 1944, stays for 40 years experience in the HVAC branch

  • Stanislav Korniliev

    Stanislav Korniliev

    Stanislav Korniliev, born at 1967 and has 25 years experience of developing and programming CAD engineering systems.

  •  Claudia Meyer

    Claudia Meyer

    Claudia Mayer speaks 4 languages: German, English, French, Italian and responsible for marketing and administrative work.

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