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New AHH - 3 software in one package (AHH, MDI, AHU)! 

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Application AHH

The presentation as a Mollier-HX-Diagram or as a Carrier-XH-Chart (Psychrometric chart) for all processes with air is supported interactively. Comfort areas and meteorological data to facilitate the planning of air-handling units..


Application AHU1

The configurator for air-handling units shows approximate values for the weight, the pressure drop and the price. With "Drag and drop", the individual components can be selected. You obtain all essential data for the air-handling unit in few minutes.


Application MDI

Prepare meteorological data (8760 hours) and service time; interface to the Mollier HX diagram and diverse HVAC software, like АНН, DEH и ESH.


Application DEH

Determination of the annual energy needs, operating costs, capital costs, payback period and CO2-saving for air conditioning units with heating and cooling recovery.

Applications HEH

Set of applications to calculate heaters, coolers, condensers and evaporators. 


Application CCS

Set of applications to calculate  the energy savings with CC-Systems.